Laser Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?
Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure in which we will remove your teeth stains by using very safe, but highly potent bleaching agents. In just a single appointment, we guarantee you will observe a remarkable reduction in the shade and color of your teeth.

Who Can Benefit from Teeth Whitening?
Teeth Whitening is ideal for you if you have any of the following problems: 

Coffee and Tea Stains – we all know that teeth can become stained because of excessive coffee or tea intake. If you can’t help yourself when it comes to drinking coffee or tea, then we can help you get rid of your teeth stains with our professional teeth whitening.
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Tobacco Stains – tobacco in any form, can stain your teeth as it contains tar and nicotine. Our professional teeth whitening is very useful in removing teeth stains caused due to tobacco smoking or chewing. 

Age-related Teeth Darkening – with advancement in age, the color of teeth tends to darken. For many people, this darkening effect is not acceptable. If you want to regain your youthful looks with pearly white teeth, then our teeth whitening is the perfect option for you. 

Plaque and Tartar Deposits – taking good care of your oral hygiene is not just essential for maintaining excellent dental and overall health, but it's equally necessary for preserving your smile. If you don’t look after your oral health, plaque and tartar deposits form on your teeth which can lead to tooth staining.

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About Us

Now that you’re ready to get your missing teeth replaced with dental implants, the next thing which would come to your mind would be “why should I choose Dentspa for getting my teeth replaced?”. It’s a very logical question. Here are a few reasons why you should be your first choice for getting a brand-new smile with dental implant.

At Clinic, we boast a highly qualified team of dentists which has extensive experience in dental implantology. Most of our dentists are PhD holders who are working at Government teaching hospital and universities. Therefore, you are in safe hands with our team.

Our dental implantology team consists of a committee of an oral surgeon, a periodontist and a prosthodontist. You might think “how will it benefit me?”. So, here is the answer. Each dental implantology case at Clinic is discussed and evaluated thoroughly by our implantology committee member before a treatment plan is devised, so that you get a set of fully functional and esthetically pleasing implant-supported artificial teeth.

We guarantee you that you will be able to enjoy all your favorite foods and speak without any difficulty once we have replaced your missing teeth. We also guarantee you that you will be highly pleased with the esthetic results of your teeth replacement with dental implants.

We want all our patients to feel good about themselves and their smiles. That is why we have a special offer, one which ensures that you get the most competitive treatment charges in town. Depending on the brand of implants you choose. For replacing the prosthetic part, you can get an artificial tooth prosthesis, depending upon the type of prosthesis and the material used.


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